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We create contractor websites that function correctly across all popular browsers and screen sizes. With a robust new website, you may make a significant effect and boost your company’s credibility. After working with hundreds of contractors, we know the exact features and components essential to creating a contractor website that converts well.

Web design for contractors is more than creating a visually appealing layout; it also entails including components that guarantee a positive user experience. Everything on your website must always look excellent and functional because it can be the first thing customers see when they search for your company.

Our General Contractor Website Design

What Makes a Sales-Driving Website Design?

Do you ever wonder why your rivals consistently outperform you? It has something to do with what’s on their website:

Your website must be accessible

We refer to being visible in search engines like Google. Your website must be prepared for the most significant search engine optimisation (SEO) standards, as over 90% of online encounters start with a search engine. You may be sure that your website will be SEO-optimised if you hire our website design firm.

You must make your website mobile-friendly

57% of users said they won’t suggest a company with a poorly designed mobile site, while 57% of web traffic now originates from smartphones and tablets. If that’s not convincing enough, Google also gives mobile-friendly websites a higher results page ranking.

Your website needs to be secure

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about data breaches and stolen consumer data, and your website’s users are aware of this. Your website must be secure if there is even a little area where users may enter their sensitive information (such as phone number and email address). Google also gives certain websites a slight ranking advantage in their search results.

Your website must load quickly

Visitors must see something happen within three seconds. 40% of them will quit and visit another website if that happens. Even a second delay can result in a 7% decrease in conversions, which lowers the money your website generates.

Your website needs an optimal user experience

Users establish an opinion in 0.5 seconds after your page loads. They expect to find information fast, especially when using a mobile device.

Mobile-First has Taken Off. Take Your Website On Board

Contractor websites that are optimised for mobile must include clear Call-to-Action buttons and sticky (fixed position) menus. Additionally, your website must be simple to use and load quickly on mobile devices. With the help of our web design services, start converting more mobile visitors and enjoy the SEO advantages of a designed and well-optimised mobile-first website.

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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Web Design for Contractors

Do you operate a contracting business without a website?

We’ve outlined six reasons why your business requires a website tailored to contractors below:

What makes a construction website design good?

Building a beautiful contractor website design requires more than looks, much like building a house or office. The colours and styles help set it apart from other websites, but those features need a solid basis that allows for the following:


A user is unlikely to return for a second visit if a website doesn’t function on its first visit. Your website’s design should ensure that pages and images load quickly, links go where they should go, and the site appears excellent on every device used to access it.


There is a space in every house and workplace where people can socialise. If you want visitors to your website to convert into customers, your site must offer a space for “interaction.” Your contact information must be visible and simple to use because many people will decide to get in touch right away.


Important information about your contracting company should be included on your website and be easy to access. A skilled designer knows how to draw attention to important information by placing it on the page or using eye-catching colours and fonts.

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Contractor Web Design - Get everything your company requires from Web Design Company Sydney

For contractors, website design goes beyond creating a polished, appealing website. You need a website that considers (and combats) the variables that may affect your site’s capacity to draw in and produce leads, as well as its visibility in search results, which impacts your online lead generation efforts.
Determining what your firm’s website needs to flourish, our web design company offers all you need:

  1. Custom design
  2. Responsive design
  3. Transparent pricing
  4. Optimised design
  5. Fast website
  6. Proactive website maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Website Hosting
  • Custom website designs
  • Optimisation for SEO
  • Website compatibility across all browsers and devices
  • Custom website coding and development
  • Existing content import
  • And more
Yes, you may maximise the value of your website with the aid of our website plans. Our team can assist you with hosting, upgrades, content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing services.
Effective web design benefits businesses. Visitors can infer a lot about your company by visiting your website. A web visitor will leave a poorly designed page after 10 seconds, but they may stay on a well-designed page for up to two minutes—and even return. The amount of time someone spends on a page is influenced by its speed, layout, and responsiveness. The visitor will leave if a page loads slowly or doesn’t function properly on the device. But, a website with a user-friendly design that loads fast and makes content easy to discover will have a lower bounce rate and a higher likelihood of producing new leads and projects.

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