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In today’s market, estate agents’ websites (which now include leasing agents’ websites) should be used for more than scheduling viewings with prospective tenants and buyers. All leads should come from your website, including those from vendors and landlords.
To do this, you need a website that is appropriate for the task at hand, one that was created with digital marketing campaigns in mind and is simple to optimise, change, and update. We provide websites of this nature.

Custom Websites for Real Estate Agents

A website with a tailored design gives you total design freedom and gives your estate firm a one-of-a-kind online presence. Do you need to ensure that your agency’s brand is noticeable in your community? Do you own an auction business or sell real estate in a specialised market? We collaborate with a chosen set of design teams to design a bespoke site that suits your agency’s requirements. You can take part in the design process in any way you like, from mood boarding to wire-framing to visual design and build.

Mobile Responsive

Our websites adjust to fit desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Google Friendly

Because we create every website with Google in mind, ranking is much simpler.

Marketing Ready

Do you need more conversions or leads? Our websites can accommodate any marketing effort.

Web Design Company Sydney - Your Choice!

It is an award-winning estate agency website that is visually stunning, directs website traffic to maximise lead creation, and updates with new features & functionalities to keep your website current & future-proofed. To outrank your closest competitors, they are also designed to rank high on Google for the search terms your customers use. You also can change and add page content whenever you want to control continuing costs. With G-Tech Solutions, you’ll gain access to a website designed for the daily requirements of a busy estate agent, one that stays current and brings in more business.

Website Design Templates are an Old Fashion

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a website that was as special as your business and didn’t cost the earth? Companies will come to you from well-designed, well-structured websites, but they are expensive and time-consuming to build. Our strategy is unique! After working with estate and letting agencies for years, we combined our expertise and knowledge to create a strong foundation that reduces a new website’s design and development time by 70%. This means that, although being high-quality and designed with lead generation in mind, our websites no longer take months to develop or need a significant upfront cost.

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Launching a new website doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. With our method, you have to tell us the website or design you want, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our web designers will customise your new website to reflect your company’s colours, add your text and photographs, and connect it to your feed provider so that it displays your properties for sale or rent. Making alterations in the future, including adding new pages or specialised landing pages for marketing purposes, is possible because we also build custom websites or WordPress. Look no further if you need a low-cost, top-notch, marketing-ready, adaptable, and mobile-responsive website that converts visitors into leads!

Why Choose G-Tech Solutions for Real Estate Agency Websites?

G-Tech Solutions is an award-winning Web Design for Estate Agents Company focusing on the real estate industry. For our clients who are estate and letting agents, we serve as an additional marketing department. We support small- to medium-sized independent businesses and assist them in competing with the more prominent players in the real estate market.
Our goal is to fullfil our promises and go above and beyond.

We are aware of the difficulties you are now facing, and we use our resources to your advantage. Due to this, our inexpensive website solutions serve as more than online brochures; instead, they are practical sales tools designed to increase your revenue.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing works more effectively when creating real estate websites than working with a designer or a professional company that offers more than web design services. Creating your website would be more streamlined due to dealing with a single team, which would also help keep prices low. Search engine optimisation (SEO), content development, and digital marketing are essential services you must watch out for. They have all been shown to create leads and increase revenue when used correctly.
On the Internet, there are countless web designers to choose from, all of whom are accessible with the click of a mouse. However, not all of them could possess the knowledge required to develop a real estate website that is appealing to the eye, intuitive, practical, simple to use, and secure. G-Tech Solutions, a global pioneer in website design and development, is renowned for offering top-notch and award-winning websites to real estate agents, brokers, and other professionals worldwide.
As we’re in the smartphone era, your clients may access your real estate website on their mobile devices. As a result, the web designer you hire must be knowledgeable in responsive and mobile-friendly web design. Responsive web design, also known as RWD, is a method of website development that enables a website to adjust and change its layout based on the viewing device, from the smallest smartphones to the giant ultra-wide monitors. It’s crucial to consider this when creating your real estate website because it will enable visitors and potential clients to browse it on any device.

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If you’re seeking a web design for estate agents and ERP business software – you’ve come to the right place. G-Tech Solutions is here to help you with the best web design services with digital marketing campaigns in mind, and it is simple to optimise, change, and update. So, what are you waiting for?

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