Web Design Services For Small Business

Web Design Services For Small Business

We develop small business website designs with aesthetics, usability, and usefulness. G-Tech Solutions is a group of bespoke and small company website designers in Australia. This means that when you talk about your website design needs, you are doing so with the team creating, developing, and launching your website.

We work with your team to comprehend your marketing goals, customers’ demands, and aspirations to construct a website that complements your branding and attracts visitors.

We create user-friendly websites with clear call-to-actions, compelling visual content and graphics, and message displays that collectively generate more leads from your target demographic.

Basic Components of a Small Business Website Design

1.  Navigation Bar

Customers favour websites that are simple to navigate most of the time. Even though this may seem simple, many small company websites lack a functional navigation bar.

Here’s how to create a nav bar that is easy to use:

  • Every page should have a navigation bar at the top.
  • All of your website’s crucial pages must be accessible from the navigation bar for visitors.
  • The user should be directed to your homepage when they click the logo in your navigation bar.
  • Mobile devices account for 50% of all web traffic, so your navigation must be flawless on a small screen.

2.  Financially Successful Design

Your target audience should be considered while creating a small business website. A local restaurant’s website will undoubtedly seem different from that of a local locksmith.

Most of the time, you should place more emphasis on excellent user experience than flashy visuals. Heavy design features may divert visitors and slow down your website. Additionally, avoid companies who reuse the same layout for all kinds of clients.

Three design principles for general-purpose small company websites are listed below:

  • UX optimisation
  • Responsive design
  • Calls to Action

3.  ‘About Us’ Page

You have a fantastic opportunity to share your story with your visitors on the About us page. It aids in creating a bond between your brand and potential clients. Many small business websites, which is a huge error, don’t offer enough attention to their About Us page.

Here are some suggestions for improving your “about us” page:

  • Tell us about your brand. What led you to begin? Describe your path in business. People enjoy learning about the company they are purchasing from.
  • On the page about us, use actual photographs. This is not the place for stock photos. Be genuine.
  • Use your story to establish a connection with your potential customers.

4.  Accessible Contact Page Details

Unexpectedly, many small business websites fail to give visitors clear contact information.

The following design advice may help you display your contact information:

  • A specific Contact Us page with a contact form should be present on your website. From the navigation bar, a link to the Contact us page.
  • Include links to your current social media profiles in the footer of your website.
  • Put your phone number at the top of each page if your firm offers direct services such as a painting company, delivery service, etc.

5.  On-site Blog

On-site blogs benefit little organisations just as much as larger ones, despite what you may believe. An internal blog might keep you in front of your regional rivals.

Here are some major benefits of having a blog:

  • A blog on your website demonstrates to visitors that you are a knowledgeable individual or brand. It functions admirably as a signal of trust.
  • Well-written and relevant blog posts improve your internet presence. Your blog can be a key component of your online marketing plan and attract new clients to your company.
  • You can interact with your potential customers through blog material. Sharing educational blog posts on social media will increase the exposure and audience for your business.

6.  Social Proof

Social proof is a crucial component of any website for a small business, and social evidence is valued at least as highly by 85% of consumers as personal recommendations. Therefore, your website’s design should include features like client videos, reviews, testimonials from actual clients, awards, and accreditations.

7.  Customised CMS

While maintaining a website might be difficult, a solid CMS can make it very simple for you to update and make minor adjustments on your own. The effectiveness of your website also depends on your choice of CMS. However, businesses of various stripes employ a variety of well-known CMSs, including WordPress and Magento.

8.  Simple SEO

You should consider your SEO approach from the very beginning of your website design process. Some SEO recommended practices need to be adhered to right away. Many designers of small company websites lack a thorough understanding of search engine optimisation and ignoring this aspect might eventually hinder the expansion of your company.

Here are some recommendations for optimising the SEO of your small company website:

  • Know the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Select a web design company for small businesses with an SEO team.
  • Keep track of the keywords your rivals use to rank in search results connected to the business.

G-Tech Solutions Small Business Difference

UX Web Design

We comprehend a company’s goals and use UX best practices to give the target audience a satisfying and memorable experience.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile device searches account for 52% of all internet traffic. We design responsive websites that seamlessly adapt to mobile and tablet devices.


Every web design project we work on includes SEO technicalities to ensure your new website has everything it needs to compete in Google Search Result pages.

Designed for Speed

Our websites are created from scratch to ensure that the code base is small and loads quickly on most internet connections.

8 Years of Experience

We are a leader in the field of web design with more than 8 years of experience. You may rely on us to handle your website project because of our extensive experience.

Why Choose Us?

1.  Built for you

We take care of everything, from start to finish. We simplify the procedure for you.

2.  Great Design

Show the world your vision with pride and professionalism.

3.  Affordable

Spend no more money than is necessary—a low-quality price.

4.  Fast

Our procedure is efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are web services necessary for small businesses?

A website not only aids small businesses in marketing and selling their goods and services but also enables them to stand out from the competition, particularly for clients who primarily rely on the Internet to discover everything there is to know about a firm.

Should every small company have a website?

In today’s digital age, a small business needs a website to boost sales. Without a website, you lose most, if not all, of your potential customers because they won’t be able to find out any information about you or your company’s products.

Contact Us Now

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